The creative loop

With a design thinking loop and customised toolkit, I work methodically to understand your project objectives then visually represent them to your audience via beautiful storytelling and elegant positioning. The loop is completed with impact measurement and integration. Human touch points and feedback opportunities between each stage ensure that ideas, people and processes are kept on track, and timeframes and budgets are met. Most partners continue to iterate future project objectives and commence new creative projects based on the clarity, efficiency and trustworthiness of this systematic approach.

What to expect on a creative loop cycle

  1.  Connection Intersection | Brief, Present, Integrate
    Share your idea with me, more about you, the product, the business, the service, the team, the culture, the timeframe, the budget. Discuss desired outcomes. Present clear proposal. Approval and commence project. In the spirit of co-collaboration connection points are built into each step of the process.
  2. Dig it deep | Understand the Research & Development
    Research, test assumptions, distil complexity, organise your objectives and find factual support for your idea, you, the product, business, service, team or culture.
  3.  Creative cave | Produce Visuals & Creative Assets
    Create tangible visual assets required to meet objectives.
  4. Flint & wheel | Story tell & Position
    Tell the story. Position and range the story.
  5. Survival of the thoughtful | Measure & Analyse
    Measure the creative, storytelling and placement. Integrate the learnings into the next loop or project.

About me

Hello, I’m Janine Lee.

Straight up… I am usually the most curious in the room and have been known to exhaust small children with too many “but why’s”. I am an open pluviophile and have drawers and storage units that beam and bleed rainbow ink when squeaked open. Still with me? Super!

With 20+ years of multidisciplinary design and leadership experience, I have contributed to over 2500 artistic projects. Whether you need an autonomous and independent design practitioner or a creative leader guiding your diverse and disparate thinking team, I always operate with deliberate wonder and consistent courage.

It is my absolute pleasure to work with good people, products and principles to deliver beautiful work of exacting detail, high quality and positive impact.


If I’m not researching, mapping strategy, deep in Adobe CS, WordPress or the socials… I’m up to my elbows in artisanal techniques on ink, paint, paper and fabrics in my cloud adjacent studio. I also specialise in sipping tea and listening to gypsy jazz.


I love my moments spent in gardens, galleries, libraries or creatively directing projects of human connection and hope over at Feathersome.

Enough about me, now let’s talk about you and your creative project!

I am currently: